Coastal Furniture


Coastal Furniture, a leading furniture retailer, committed to offering an extensive selection of premium furniture pieces imbued with a distinctive coastal vibe. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and timeless design, they strive to bring the essence of coastal living into every home, creating spaces that exude relaxation, comfort, and seaside charm.

The Challenge

Dissatisfied with their antiquated website and its lack of update capabilities, Coastal Furniture joined forces with us to implement a new website solution. Their objective was to present their offerings in a more compelling manner and provide customers with a visually engaging platform for accessing all necessary information.

The Solution

We selected WordPress as the platform for their new website, providing flexibility for updates whenever necessary. We developed a bespoke layout that harmonizes with the colors and accents of their physical stores. This tailored approach not only ensures coherence with their brand identity but also delivers a refreshing and dynamic online experience for their customers.

Coastal Furniture Hero Image

The Website

We prioritized the development of a mobile and web responsive website solution to ensure seamless access to all content for customers across various devices. Our design approach incorporated high-resolution, gallery-style photography to showcase the superior quality of furniture available in their stores. With a visual-based layout, we facilitated effortless exploration and navigation, enhancing the overall user experience.

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