Valor Companies


Valor Dumpster Rentals and Valor Gutter Installations, companies focused on providing support to contractors and builders locally as a multi-faceted solution to common problems during the home and building construction process.

The Challenge

Valor enlisted our expertise to position their companies as the premier solution for gutter installation and construction cleanup, offering indispensable support crucial for the intricacies of diverse construction projects. Maintaining distinct identities was required for each company, yet it was equally essential for them to present a unified and cohesive appearance.

The Solution

We crafted branding guidelines that could seamlessly accommodate both companies while ensuring each maintained its distinct visual identity, allowing them to operate independently. For Valor, we created a range of marketing and business materials to effectively promote and offer their services within the local community, presenting a polished and professional image in an unmistakable way.

Valor Dumpster Rentals Logo Hero Image

The Branding

Incorporating shared elements of color and typography ensured a cohesive visual identity for both companies, while distinctive features in the main logo helped to distinguish each brand. Emphasizing imagery that is both eye-catching and approachable was crucial in engaging customers in a friendly manner.

Valor Dumpster Rentals Logo
Valor Gutter Installations Logo
Valor Dumpster Rentals Alt Logo
Valor Gutter Installations ALt Logo
Valor Dumpster Rentals Logo Branding

The Marketing

Valor sought a range of materials to bolster their brand and solidify their position as the premier choice for gutter installation and construction cleanup services. We collaborated on creating customized questionnaires, quotes, and invoices to streamline client interactions, complemented by the use of branded clothing during face-to-face meetings to make a lasting impression.

Valor Dumpster Rentals Polo Shirt and Hat
Valor Companies Business Cards
Valor Companies Documents
Valor Dumpster Rentals Shirt
Valor Dumpster Rentals Yard Sign
Valor Dumpster Rentals Stickers

The Website

To effectively cater to their local clientele, Valor recognized the necessity of a dedicated landing page serving as an informative hub for customers. This platform serves to guide visitors towards choosing Valor for their comprehensive needs, providing valuable information and insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

Valor Dumpster Rentals Website Mockup
Valor Dumpster Rentals Homepage
Valor Dumpster Rentals Phone Mockup