Little Lumieres


Little Lumieres, a family-owned business specializing in pop culture-inspired candles, entrusted Frosk Design Co with their creative requirements. Their vision encompassed crafting visually appealing products infused with subtle nods to pop culture, packaged with vibrant and playful visuals.

The Challenge

In a crowded market, Little Lumieres aimed to distinguish itself by cultivating a professional brand that could rival industry giants in the candle sector, while also representing their family. Their goal was have a visual identity that would resonate with diverse audiences, including fans of specific fandoms and those who appreciate their signature clean scents.

The Solution

We collaborated with Little Lumieres to craft a comprehensive brand identity that resonated with the owners' personal touch while being dynamic and attention-grabbing. Our objective in designing the visuals was to seamlessly integrate pop culture elements into a sleek layout, avoiding overt emphasis on them. Our aim was for customers to enjoy their candles in their homes without detracting from their space with unsightly labels.

Little Lumieres Hero Image

The Brand

We contributed to shaping a visual identity centered on the themes of family and the essence of candles. Incorporating the family of four into the flame logo paid homage to the name 'Little Lumieres,' symbolizing 'Little Lights' for their children. Opting for a vibrant color palette, we aimed to complement their black candle jars and orange flames, while directing attention to their tree planting initiative.

Little Lumieres Logo Mark White
Little Lumieres Logo Mark Black
Little Lumieres Blue Swatch
Little Lumieres Yellow Swatch
Little Lumieres Black Swatch
White Color Swatch
Little Lumieres Green Swatch

The Iconography

We crafted compelling iconography inspired by the pop culture references embodied in each scent, striking a balance between revealing just enough and maintaining an air of intrigue. Embracing an element of mystery and encouraging critical thinking were fundamental to the company's values. As a playful touch, we introduced a system of frog icons to adorn the candle jars and other brand materials, injecting character into the brand and providing a fun way for children to participate.

Little Lumieres Candle Icons
Little Lumieres Frog Icons

The Candles

We contributed to the development of the candle scents, as well as their overall appearance and ambiance. Collaborating with a local company, we facilitated the creation of a branding iron to imprint each lid, complemented by the addition of crackling wooden wicks. Opting for a dye that transformed the wax into a rich black as it melted, we enhanced the visual appeal by allowing the flame to reflect beautifully off the melted surface. When designing the labels, we took an abstract approach, employing minimal shapes and colors to subtly evoke the essence of the fandom while maintaining a clean aesthetic suitable for any home. Each candle pays homage to its respective references through carefully curated colors, locations, scents, and characters.

Three Little Lumieres Candles
Little Lumieres The Grand Line Candle
Little Lumieres Very Old Friends Candle
Little Lumieres Serious Gourmet Shit Candle
Little Lumieres Burn Mark Wooden Lids