Functional Health & Fitness


Functional Health & Fitness, a crossfit brand dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for health and fitness enthusiasts, with a particular emphasis on catering to the needs of the midlife adult generation while providing valuable insights for individuals of all ages.

The Challenge

Functional Health & Fitness engaged our services to establish their branding identity and guidelines for consistent use across various creative applications. With a vision to become the premier destination for health and fitness content on social media, they recognized the importance of uniformity and cohesion in their graphics to ensure brand longevity and resonance with their audience.

The Solution

We worked to infuse a sleek aesthetic into this fitness brand, incorporating a carefully selected color scheme that aligns with the brand owner's vision. Collaboratively, we developed customizable templates tailored for their social media platforms, facilitating content promotion, audience expansion, and the dissemination of valuable information to their users.

Functional Health & Fitness Hero Image

The Brand

While constructing the logo, we seamlessly integrated elements of gym equipment and combined them with crisp, legible fonts suitable for versatile applications. At the client's request, we also crafted an alternative version of the logo to accentuate its uniqueness and reflect their personal interests. As a result, we created a modified skull variant, underscoring the ruggedness and resilience associated with fitness.

Functional Health & Fitness Logo Ideas
Functional Health & Fitness Branding
Functional Health & Fitness Sticker
Functional Health & Fitness Hero Image Alt Logo
Functional Health & Fitness Branding Guidelines

The Marketing

We assisted in developing a range of templates tailored for social media platforms and crafted a content strategy to organically expand the brand's reach. FHF prioritizes personalized engagement for a specialized audience of midlife individuals seeking to sustain their health and fitness as they age. Ensuring diverse marketing opportunities during video content was essential for maximizing impact.

Functional Health & Fitness Social Media Template
Functional Health & Fitness Coach Shirt
Functional Health & Fitness Hero Image Water Bottle