Ruggieri Lawn Care


Ruggieri Lawn Care is a community-rooted lawn services provider, dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces with meticulous care and expertise. As a locally-owned business, they prioritize personalized service and a commitment to beautifying properties with passion and precision for an afforadable price.

The Challenge

Ruggieri Lawn Care sought our assistance in navigating the challenges of launching a business in a bustling, seasonal market rife with competition. Their goal was to elevate their professional image through branding while maintaining a strong emphasis on their roots in the community and their homegrown values.

The Solution

We collaborated closely with the owner to devise a distinctive branding approach, incorporating a unique color scheme to further distinguish them in the market. Through the development of graphics, we aimed to authentically represent both their identity and their deep connection to the community.

Ruggieri Lawn Care Header

The Brand

While most lawn companies typically feature lawn mowers or grass in their imagery, we chose a unique approach. Our focus shifted to the spinning blades of the mower deck, complemented by a vibrant orange hue that strikingly contrasts with the green backdrop. Additionally, we assisted in creating custom icons to accentuate the owner's persona and the neighborly essence of his business, emphasizing his dedication to serving both his own and surrounding housing communities.

Ruggieri Lawn Care Branding
Ruggieri Lawn Care Alt Logo
Ruggieri Lawn Care Lawnmower
Ruggieri Lawn Care Trillium Neighbor

The Marketing

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to maintaining cohesive branding, we assisted Ruggieri Lawn Care in refining their physical marketing materials. By ensuring consistency and uniformity across their promotional items, we contributed to enhancing their brand presence and professional image within the community.

Ruggeiri Lawn Care Business Card
Ruggieri Lawn Care Door Hanger
Ruggieri Lawn Care Truck Magnet

The Reviews

Thrilled with their branding, Ruggieri Lawn Care sought to enhance their credibility and elevate their Google ranking by garnering more reviews. Recognizing the significance of customer feedback, we addressed the often overlooked aspect of soliciting reviews. To facilitate this, we designed a dedicated review submission page for completed jobs, simplifying the process with a user-friendly link that could be effortlessly shared via email or text, offering a streamlined solution for their clientele.

Ruggieri Lawn Care Business Reviews
Ruggieri Lawn Care Review Mockup